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Fujitsu makes your business more secure without making your life

more complicated. Check out our solution to help your business smart and simple. 

Fujitsu Future Workplace

The world is changing. And the workplace is too. People have different, and rising, expectation of their employees, and rapid technological developments are making them a reality. The fight for talent is even more competitive than ever. So, businesses need to step up their game. 


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Clean Desk Solution

Fujitsu Clean Desk Solution provides customers with a clean and efficient working area in a desktop environment. It eliminates the clutter and limited space associated with excessive computer wires to create a clean, tidy and efficient workplace.                                     


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Meeting Room Solution

Today's business world needs smarter meeting spaces - conference rooms that guarantee that meetings can start on time and that can seamlessly and wireless connect all employees from any location.                                                                                                                  


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Smart Security Solution

Fujitsu AuthConductor Client will remember your employee’s logins and reduce the number of password reset-related help desk calls, resulting in more employee up-time, increased productivity and a reduction expensive support calls.                                                                                                    


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